Company Visits

We stress in-depth communication with companies to gain a nuanced understanding of their business and gain an edge by identifying the sensitivity of companies at as granular a level as possible. We aim to differentiate ourselves by seeking a deep understanding of business areas which are currently overlooked and gaining an understanding of longer-term opportunities and risks.

Scientific Analysis

We consider quantitative analysis and an in-depth understanding of the science behind various technological developments to be a vital check and balance for potential over-optimism (or even excessive conservatism) of corporate communications. In particular, we feel that greater use of correlation analysis can help analysts derive insights that are not as widely understood as those explicitly communicated by companies, suppliers and competitors.

Alternative Data

Utilising our relationship with Finatext we supplement traditional analysis with the use of alternative data such as POS data, credit card and point card information to garner valuable insights from data that has traditionally not been available to investors. Finatext's strength in cleansing data, derived from decades of processing POS data is an edge that we fully utilise in interpreting alternative data sets which can include significant noise.