Finatext Collaboration

By working with one of Tokyo's leading fintech startups, we maintain access to a variety of alternative datasets and are able to tap the skills and expertise of Japan's best talent in the data science and programming domains. Bringing together outstanding talent from across the Asia-Pacific and combining data science, programming and financial analysis, we aim to develop new and more accurate analytical tools for investors and corporates.  

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Cost Effectiveness

Utilising automation and AI and combining this with a cost efficient analytics function in Colombo, Sri Lanka, allows us to help our clients adapt to the increasing cost pressures facing the research functions of the investment industry.  

Reach & Response

By collaborating with the online research platforms that have risen in response to the implementation of MiFID II, we aim to showcase the skills of talented young analysts globally by selecting those with the greatest potential to conduct thoughtful, unbiased and differentiated analysis. Our close partner Smartkarma allows insight providers to collaborate and dispute ideas in real-time and provides a flexible and responsive communication network for insight providers, investors and others.