Upholding the principle of honesty is necessary to effectively perform our role. The values which inform this principle are Transparency, Trust and Realism. Dishonesty tends to breed in environments where information is hidden, people mistrust the judgment and incentives of counter-parties or delude themselves into trying to wish their desires into being.  In addition, the factual basis of a situation is often presented in a slanted and overly simplified manner for the sake of sensationalism. We consider our role to be that of providing a more comprehensive and nuanced take for the more discerning reader, and as such, we do not gloss over unpleasant or inconvenient truths


Resources are precious and none more so than time. In order to respect the value of both our own time as well as that of the people who interact with us we emphasise Speed, Relevance and Focus. We aim to deliver our insights in a timely manner, articulate our conclusions in a succinct and structured format and concentrate our efforts on domains where we can provide incremental value over and above already extant information. We aim to minimise the inclusion of extraneous information and focus on the most important drivers of company profitability and technology adoption, to provide a distilled and succinct picture of what you need to know.


In consciously trying to originate ideas that are of some incremental value we aim to cultivate a mindset that emphasises Independence, Adaptability and Curiosity. Decision-making is often cluttered by its anchoring to the decisions of others. Too often decisions are made with the intention of either standing out or conversely, of blending in. Similarly, errors often arise from stubborn pride which makes people dig in their heels in the face of conflicting evidence or simple apathy towards the outside environment. By being flexible, taking an interest in the changing world around us and avoiding reactive thinking we hope to contribute ideas with a touch of originality.